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In Switzerland, government and citizens speak out on livestock farming: ‘in our country, the dignity and welfare of animals are respected’

October 2022 – In Switzerland activists collected 100,000 signatures demanding improvements for farm animals. According to their demands, the government should have implemented stricter rules for the care of animals concerning the size of the space available to them, slaughter procedures, and transport management dynamics.

These demands were put to a referendum under the Swiss system of direct democracy and received 63% of the votes against. The government had also already expressed a negative opinion, pointing out that these measures would have an impact on operating costs and food prices. The Minister of the Interior, Alain Berset, who is responsible for the government’s position on the initiative, summarised the result of the referendum by stating that ‘the citizens have judged that the dignity of animals is respected in our country and that their welfare is already sufficiently protected by current legislation’.

It must be said that if the proposal had passed, farmers would have had 25 years to comply. However, activists are constantly active to create emotional fallout on the meat-feeding issue.

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