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More About Chicken -or more briefly M.A.C.– was created to convey content and professional thoughts of the poultry world free of the emotional interferences that often cause alterations in the view of reality. The group of people who manage this information container are not involved in breeding or farming. It is a choice to avoid conflicts of interest, emotional biases and to allow objective views. The people involved are communication professionals who follow and inform themselves without prejudice about the ‘professional poultry sector’ in order to maintain a certain reliability compared to those who cannot separate emotional (often irrational) from scientific and practical issues. The information and news reported here respect the scientific vision driven by the goal of feeding the Planet in a healthy, consistent and safe way. Ideal issues are not discussed on this site. More About Chicken collects and verifies information on the activities of the sector, observing and surveying its attentions, avoiding – and, if anything, highlighting – the instrumentalisations typical of those who criticise a priori those who are involved in feeding the Planet through the breeding and care of animals in the poultry sector, through which quality food is generated all over the world.

M.A.C. was also born because poultry has become the main source of meat and its contribution to human nutrition is increasing.

“Poultry is the world’s most widespread domestic animal species. (FAO, 2016)”: this stems from the fact that more and more human beings all over the world are choosing to eat chicken meat. And they do so despite criticism against the industry often based on outdated or instrumental information, and despite some strongly organised lobbies against the production of poultry for meat and eggs.

Some premises on which M.A.C. is based

– The objections raised by ‘anti-poultry farming’ organisations concern animals that ‘exist’ solely by ‘our will’. If we did not need to draw from nature for the food sustenance of billions of people, neither crops nor farms would exist.

– The farming system is born and developed by adapting to the characteristics of the selected animals, not vice versa.

– Serious farmers always work to provide healthy food and make a fair profit from their work, which are closely and inevitably linked goals. In order to aspire to make a profit from breeding, it is necessary for the breeder to respect dozens of rules and attentions aimed at protecting the health of the animal, which otherwise, if it became sick or unhealthy, could neither be sold nor even fed to us.

– To M.A.C.‘s knowledge, there is no evidence so far that anti-poultry breeding organisations have ever tried to invest – other than in fundraising to support their activities – in any farming conducted according to the ideals they consider sustainable and valid. Any reports to the contrary are of course welcome.

M.A.C. is in favour of the continuous improvement of farming conditions and animal well-being. Provided that animal welfare is assessed in a balanced way and measured with a scientific approach, avoiding projecting human needs onto animals and criminalizing farmers.

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