Australia: a law to protect farmers from animal rights activists

July 2019. This news could act as a spur and stimulus in other countries to suggest to breeders’ associations how to deal with the frequent accusations made against them by animal rights activists.

It happened in Australia and is one of the outcomes, which could happen elsewhere, where and if the motives of a system that manages important activities for the food supply of entire populations, is besieged by protest initiatives based on suggestions, provoked by distorted and manipulated information.

Animal welfare and environmental organisations have in fact very suggestive ways of portraying their narratives. The characteristic that identifies them internationally is the emotional transport through which they act by emphasising every event that occurs in the food chains they dislike.

Sometimes their exasperations are so exaggerated that they even result in behaviour that cannot be tolerated. Farmers, in some parts of the world, have begun to react.

Here is the link to the article published by EFA News – European Food Agency, a news agency entirely dedicated to information in the agri-food industry in Europe:


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