M.A.C.’s manifesto. The whys of More About Chicken

M.A.C.'s manifesto

The whys of More About Chicken

More About Chicken (M.A.C.) was founded with the aim of:

  • • defend the reputation of the poultry sector from the numerous fakes circulating;
  • • make themselves available to consumers and the professional poultry industry, at an international level, to convey correct and, above all, understandable information;
  • • become an authoritative point of reference where you can find information in a neutral way on the activities of the poultry industry.

To maintain its position as a third party between the poultry sector and those who oppose it, consistent with our principles M.A.C. does not advertise poultry companies but rather the facts they produce.

M.A.C. was born because a large number of people believe that poultry farms are places of atrocities towards chickens.

This conviction is generated because many are reached by statements and alarms of activists who convey well-packaged and skilfully manipulated ‘pseudo-information’ to appeal to the emotions of individuals.

There is little use in the advertising campaigns and commercial strategies of poultry operators of the last mile ‘to sell the finished product’. Certain information needs more than just a few seconds of commercials.

Thanks to M.A.C., the entire poultry supply chain, right up to the large-scale retail trade, finds in https://moreaboutchicken.com/ the place for content that the poultry sector as a whole struggles to organise in a uniform, coordinated, cohesive manner and in a spirit of service towards consumers.

Through M.A.C. those who are in direct contact with consumers of poultry meat and eggs thus have a neutral tool to direct them towards, to receive correct information and clear answers to the typical questions that every consumer asks about how poultry farming works and to observe how efficient the entire poultry supply chain is in providing the world with accessibility to healthy, cheap food with the high nutritional qualities provided by chickens and eggs, which are also difficult to replace in terms of speed of supply, continuity, simplicity and fully traceable and verifiable health safety.


The editorial staff of M.A.C.

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