From Denmark, a 35-day non-stop live broadcast on a chicken farm

In Denmark, a chicken farmer wanted to implicitly answer questions about the quality of chicken farms. he did this by broadcasting live non-stop for 35 days (815 hours) the running of his farm from the moment the newly hatched chicks were brought to the farm until the moment they were sent to slaughter.

This experiment was decided by Solveig Nørmark who runs a chicken farm near Struer in West Jutland together with her husband Jens Kristian who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the farm. The initiative was initiated by the Danish Agriculture and Food Board with Solveig as host.

When Solveig receives a new batch of chickens Ros 308, they are distributed to the couple’s two barns with about 32,000 chickens each.

The future chickens weigh about 40 grams when they arrive. When they are sent to the slaughterhouse, they weigh about 2100 grams.

Approximately 550,000 chickens are produced each year in Solveig.

The chickens are fed with complete feed. Throughout the day, they have free access to food and water and can move freely in the barn. However, one notices that the chickens prove to be flock animals, so one notices that they lie down together, for example when it is dark in the barn.

The light in the barn is controlled automatically, leaving interaction between light, twilight and darkness. Heat is also controlled automatically.

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