mappa attivisti

Millionaire activists

Animal rights activist groups earn over 800 million dollars a year. A profitable business.


We found an interesting article on how activists plan to stop the activities of farmers who grow animals to meet food needs.

Below is a short excerpt from the text and further below is a link to the full content of the article followed again by a link to an article already published by M.A.C:


“… Nearly a third of documented animal rights extremist attacks in 2022 targeted farmers and food workers, putting them and animals at risk. Documented direct actions for animal agriculture include:


  • 95 incidents of vandalism
  • 70 stolen animals
  • 60 criminal violations
  • 10 cases of arson
  • 9 incidents of harassment and intimidation …”


The link to the full text:


The link to our article on the same subject:


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