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How much does a broiler chicken weigh?

Broiler farms are all managed with the same care. The only differences are the geographical areas where they are consumed around the world.

In fact, every country has different consumption habits. There are countries where chicken is bought whole (to be cooked), in others already portioned (already cooked or to be cooked) and in others still already cooked in several ways (ready-to-cook portions with more or less elaborate recipes).

Chickens are therefore reared in different ways (on different farms) according to consumer demand. In general, there are three different sizes


light chickens

females of 32-35 days old and around 1.6-1.8 kg commercial weight

destined for rotisseries

medium-sized chickens

males or females of around 40 days and around 2.5 kg commercial weight

intended for portioning

heavy chickens

males of approximately 50 days old and of approximately 3,5 kg commercial weight

intended for breast sale and pre-cooked products

NB: ‘commercial weight’ refers to ‘ready-to-cook’ chicken


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