Keeping blaming

The fate of non-profit organisations? Keeping blaming.

MAC investigated the funding system supporting the ‘animal right’ activists. It is a well-organised system that collects and receives funds to sustain itself. Campaigns aimed at the public most sensitive to animal welfare issues generate grants from foundations set up ad hoc and donations from individuals willing to finance these activities.

From our data, it appears that the amount of money collected in this way is substantial. We therefore wonder whether the use of these funds is appropriate for the purposes for which each association was set up and whether, as it should, each association has the objective of ceasing to exist when the objective it has set itself is achieved.

We have no way (for now) of delving into the budgets to assess how much money is spent on the purposes and how much on keeping the people who work there. What is certain is that the list of objections raised by these associations is updated with new objections as soon as an old one seems to have been resolved or is in the process of being resolved. And we have not yet interviewed the various managers to get answers on these issues. We will see when we are able to do so, and if anyone would like to send us particular comments or documents, we are here to help.

We now invite you to consult the document that you will find at Activist Overview (N.A.: the document contains in-depth links).


The Editorial Board of M.A.C.