Why do animal welfare associations say these things if they are not true? And why is there no one to counter this information?

Animal welfare associations are driven by idealistic intentions that disregard the food function of the poultry system. Their point of view is distorted by the idea that their personal criteria for evaluating welfare are unquestionable, generating paradoxes that indirectly ‘force’ farmers to follow their suggestions to protect the environment and the health of chickens, which in reality cause a backward step in relation to the achievements of the industry in over 70 years of research precisely in reducing environmental impact. These are issues that develop almost everywhere and are addressed in different ways in different countries. For example, where destructive and irrational excess by organisations is evident, some governments intervene, going so far as to fine associations, as in Australia, a law to protect farmers from animal rights activists (efanews.eu) and in Denmark, the truth proves animal rights activists wrong – Sustainable Meat. The industry is committed to limiting costs for the consumer and ensuring that quality is maintained. It does this without saying so consistently. This is perhaps its only major flaw.