Those who criticise protected breeding, do they know what biosecurity is? Here we tell you

The term biosecurity refers to all measures designed and implemented to prevent the entry (bioexclusion) and spread (biocontainment) of pathogens within and between flocks. Nowadays, biosecurity is one of the most important tools available to livestock farmers to create optimal hygienic conditions within the production environment, capable of protecting the health and welfare of the animals and providing guarantees on food safety, preventing the occurrence of food-borne zoonotic agents on the farm.


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Thanks to a synergy with we follow some technical articles that explain in a clear way, even for those who are not technicians, the European project “NetPoulSafe – Networking European poultry actors for enhancing the compliance of Biosecurity measures for a sustainable production (G.A. 101000728). NetPoulSafe is a thematic network of the European Union with the objective of identifying the best measures to support biosecurity and to stimulate the exchange of knowledge between the various actors of the European poultry sector (France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland).


NetPoulSafe is a European network for knowledge exchange on best practices in support of biosecurity in poultry farming. Below is the link to the first of these articles:


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