There are people who accuse intensive livestock farms of doing preventive group treatments even when not necessary

Group treatment of animals is understood when medicated feed is used, through drinking water and feed, which are safer and more effective treatment methods and are subject to very strict rules. They are only implemented in cases of absolute necessity, in a now small number of cases and always under the control of the veterinarian, who decides on the ideal treatment on a case-by-case basis.

The treatment of individual animals is avoided because their capture causes great stress and possible trauma to the sick animals, especially when a daily dosage is required.

In addition, mass treatment is the only one that allows true prevention when compared to the treatment of individual animals showing clinical symptoms.

In fact, only with mass treatment is it possible to intervene, alleviate suffering and heal all animals in which the disease is in the early incubation phase and not symptomatic, thus preventing the spread of contagion to the entire herd, thus preserving their health and state of well-being.