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The Pedigree of Chickens

What we usually see done in the management of the offspring of purebred dogs, also happens in the management of the breeding of farm animals and in particular in that of chickens. Just as pedigree dogs allow us to know exactly what they will be like once they are adult, in terms of size, coat length and character, as they will meet breed standards, the same logic of approach is applied in the development and selection of broilers and laying hens. This way of scientifically and carefully managing which animals to breed, makes it possible to know any hereditary diseases and provides the ‘pedigree’ for those wishing to breed. For these reasons, pedigree breeders (dogs, horses, chickens…) have a much higher cost, which serves to cover the breeder’s expenses for genetic selection. Remaining in the poultry field, it follows from this that all chickens and hens on the market are heirs of breeding stock of selected breeds whose behaviour, characteristics, needs and development are known to the breeders, and this facilitates the proper management of any regular breeding.

The Editorial Staff