Fresh chicken eggs

The neighbour’s eggs

More About Chicken also observes what happens in those many groups of people who are passionate and dedicated about making their own small chicken coop. Some do it because they just like the animal, others because they think it is an act of love and ecological at the same time, others to have “free” eggs and chicken meat every now and then, others all these things together… All of them, however, invariably find themselves periodically complaining about problems in the management of their poultry house, almost always linked to various animal ailments about which they ask for help, advice, … These facts underline how different it is to operate professionally from operating merely in good faith.

It is legitimate to want to take care of chickens and hens, but it is good to know that in order to avoid certain occurrences one must either follow all the rules of intensively protected breeding or set one’s heart at rest that it will be a costly and at times demoralising undertaking.

Intensively protected farms can afford a lot of attention to animals precisely because the quantity of animals followed allows the investment to be spread over large numbers.

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