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Fake and real about broiler No. 8

FAKE: “Broilers fall prey to diseases even if they are vaccinated immediately, they hardly ever see sunlight, they live in a condition of forced ventilation and lighting. The light-dark cycle is also programmed to push the chickens’ growth as far as possible.”

WHY IT’S A FAKE: The poultry industry has understood for decades that pushing the growth of chickens as far as possible is a mistake. Only animal rights activists pretend to still believe this. In reality, the poultry industry has long been working on the concept of balanced growth, centred on animal welfare. In poultry genetic selection, several different parameters are used to choose the animals for the next generation, approximately 35: only one of these is growth rate, the others cover the areas of ability to convert feed into meat, skeletal robustness, cardiovascular capacity, immune system efficiency, feather quality, reproductive capacity, etc. Only healthy and robust animals allow a competitive and complex industry like the poultry industry to plan the production of millions of birds per day, which allows us to eat chicken meat and eggs at affordable prices.


The editorial staff of M.A.C.