Animal rights activists also attack the F.A.O.

As indicated in other articles, animal rights activists constantly attempt to discredit the hundreds of scientists and world institutions – such as the F.A.O. – that counter their instrumental rhetoric.

We return to this topic because we believe that it is necessary to keep a high level of attention on these activities, not only because of the fake statements they spread, but also because the interests and objectives of these actors have worrying dimensions in terms of the consequences that their actions could produce. We are not dealing with mere ideologies, but with plans to establish and publicly accept potential monopolies for the production of artificial meat. Billion-dollar interests concentrated in a few hands that have justified equally billion-dollar investments to finance various NGOs with the aim of coming to control the entire global food system. Funding NGOs that are strongly ideologised on food issues is in fact much more effective than trying to get one thousand two hundred independent scientists to change the results of scientific research.


These dynamics attempt to demolish the healthy relationship between science and society and the results of years of research.

We found an interesting article on the tactics used by activists to bring discredit to the research of thousands of independent scientists.


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