Bimba che da' da mangiare a un cane

Animal food for animals

90 million European households have at least one pet. About 25% have a cat and 24% a dog. Worldwide 33% of people own a dog. In 2023, 66% of US households had a pet.

In 2023 the pet owners spent roughly 220 billion, about half was for food. The other half went for medical-veterinary care, medication, hygiene, beauty, products and services for clothing, entertainment, insurance, etc.


These initial data serve to briefly introduce a piece of information that few people think about: the protected poultry farms (also called intensive farms) provide food for both mankind and domestic animals… As you can imagine, not all the food produced by the food chain is intended for our tables. The parts more suitable for animal feed are sent to companies that use them to package food for our pets. The ‘delicious’ meat and fish packaged in tins and crisps for our pets come from those transformation processes where nothing is wasted thanks to the commitment, attention, organisation and experience of those who manage these supply chains.

However, we cannot help but also stimulate due reflection by noting other data:


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